Small groups

At The Church On The Way Santa Clarita, we know it's important to make small, intimate connections within a larger church. It's what fosters a family-type atmosphere among us as believers, and allows for each individual in the congregation to experience his or her personal value and impact within the larger church body.

Our small groups are broken down into Life Groups and Connect Groups. Life Groups are monthly gatherings at people's homes, and involve a time of worship, prayer, fellowship, and FOOD! Connect Groups are interest or demographic based, and allow for fellowship opportunities with those in the church who share similar passions or life experiences.

Our small groups are led by our Discipleship Coordinator, Pastor Rose Davidson. For a current list of our current Life Groups and Connect Groups, please email Pastor Rose.

classes at tcotwsc

We offer a variety of classes for congregants that will enrich you spiritually and academically, while fueling your growth within our church body. In addition to the standard classes listed below, we have seasonal course offerings throughout the year.


If you know that God is directing you to become a member of this congregation, then membership is the next step! Our membership class will present the foundational principles of our church and also talk about what it means to be a member of The Church On The Way Santa Clarita.

The membership process consists of two steps - a class and a reception. The class takes place multiple times a year, usually on a Sunday morning. Once the class is complete, there is a reception with light refreshments. This reception is an opportunity for you to meet the pastors and staff, and fellowship with others who have gone through the membership process. For more information about membership at The Church On The Way Santa Clarita, email Pastor Christa Andersen.

Pre-Marrieds Class

If you are planning on getting married in the next year, we offer this class as an opportunity to learn and grow as you prepare for this important commitment. Come plan and place Christ as the foundation of your marriage. For more information, email our pre-marrieds leaders, Jim & Terry Baugh.