Summit is the internship program of The Church On The Way Santa Clarita.


We exist to raise up leaders for a lifetime of ministry and service to God.


  • We desire that every Summit student:
  • Cultivate a love and passion for God and His Word.
  • Mature their familiarity with God's voice.
  • Develop an uncompromising desire to walk in the Spirit.
  • Gain a passion to serve Christ and His Church.


Engaging each student's:

  • HEAD


ENROLLMENT: Students can participate in anywhere from 1 to 3 years of Summit. Students must submit for re-application each year

EDUCATION STYLE: Each semester students take classes through Life Pacific College and have the option to take them as for- credit, certificate, or audit.

DATING: Students will be asked to not engage in a dating relationship for the first year in order to focus that year on their relationship with God.

MINISTRY FOCUS (TRACKS): Students will have the option to choose a ministry focus or as we will call them, TRACKS, in years 2 and 3 to which they will gain a specialized ministry focus.

  • HEAD

    Through our partnership with the King's University, Summit provides a fully accredited opportunity for students to engage in a college classroom setting. The King's University has a staff of professors eager to teach and partner with students to equip them to truly know what they believe.


    Our heart at Summit is to not only equip students with knowledge necessary to make an impact in the world we live in, but to instill in them a heart of character and integrity. Students will be exposed to a multitude of life lessons, discipleship opportunities and much more.


    At Summit, students are given an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge by serving in the local church and other outside organizations. Not only will you learn about leading, you will have the opportunity to lead.

    Opportunities include:

    • Kids Ministry
    • Youth Ministry
    • Media & Tech
    • Young Adults Ministry
    • Admin
    • Missions
    • Dream Center
    • Bridge To Home Shelter
    • Worship Ministry
    • And much more!

Additional Information

Yearly Cost:

  • $1500 for Summit
  • For The King's University:
  1. Audit Student - $720 plus books
  2. For Credit Student 24 Units (1 Year) - $9552 plus books

Breakdown of Years

First Year: (Base Camp)

Basics to leadership, ministry and service to God

Second Year: (The Ascent)

Ascending from foundation to leadership application

Third Year: (The Summit)

Pinnacle of Pastoral preperation

To fill out an application for our Summit Internship click HERE